How Automatic Fluency® Programs Work

Hi, I'm Mark Frobose - Your Expert Language Teacher; welcome to Automatic Fluency. I developed Automatic Fluency® programs to take the chance out of fluency.

Why do Automatic Fluency® programs work so well at teaching you a new language?

Two reasons: The FEATURES and the FLEXIBILITY.

The features include a great memory technique so you always remember while you learn, and flexibility so that not even a waiting period or an interruption can stop you from building fluency every day.

Benefits of Automatic Fluency® Programs

Automatic Fluency® programs contain all the FEATURES needed to develop fluency. These features include:

  • Memory Rich, Vocabulary Rich Language - Builds your fluency much faster.
  • Memory Techniques - Ensures you remember & can use what you learn.
  • Cutting Edge Original Sentence Creation Techniques - You learn to put words together and create & speak your own original sentences.
  • Mark Frobose - You benefit from a published expert, a multilingual English speaking language guide and teacher. Mark explains everything to you in plain English. This is a huge benefit since you understand while you learn!
  • Trained Native Speakers of the Language That You’re Learning - While Mark explains everything in English, his trained native speakers of the language that you’re learning teach you the correct accent, and teach you to speak their vocabulary rich language the way it’s really spoken.
  • The Flexibility - Automatic Fluency Programs fit into your waiting periods to help you move towards fluency during life’s many inconvenient interruptions. A variety of techniques are used to make fluency building enjoyable and effective.

Automatic Fluency® Focuses on Fluency

Please remember this. None of the language programs out there that you’ve been using are really focusing on fluency. Even the best language programs are pattern rich, but vocabulary and memory poor. They re focusing on making you feel good, and you go away speaking a couple of sentences that you may later forget entirely. Only Automatic Fluency® programs have the added advantage of
real fluency building with vocabulary rich, memory rich, technique rich simplicity.

Fluency Training vs. Language Learning

General language training is just that. General and memory & vocabulary poor. Automatic Fluency® programs are vocabulary rich, memory rich, and technique rich. True fluency training requires massive vocabulary no other program offers.

Learn Throughout Your Day

Automatic Fluency® programs are unique, not just because the features of my program are unique, but the flexible design of the programs themselves fits comfortably into the actual fabric of your daily routine, so that your fluency building becomes an inevitable process. Something that you can’t even avoid because you program it into your daily life in a way that is so flexible and so effective that not even a waiting period or an interruption can stop you from becoming fluent.

Not guaranteed, but far more certain than with any other approach. You know, most wish for, many attempt, but hardly any of the thousands of the people that take language courses every year even become conversational, much less fluent in the languages that they’re studying.

The elusive goal of fluency is lost to most people because they leave it to chance. They get caught up in life’s necessities. Their quest for fluency is in constant conflict with their daily routine and life’s many interruptions and waiting periods. I developed automatic fluency programs to take the chance out of fluency and I designed my automatic fluency courses specifically to fit into your daily routine and to even turn interruptions into fluency opportunities.

So, the happy and inevitable result of faithfully using my Automatic Fluency® programs, if you really stick to the system, is eventual functional fluency in the language of your dreams. Not guaranteed, but far more certain than with any other approach.

The Frobose Memory Technique™

I began my research on language memory upon graduating from the University of Illinois in 1979. In 1982 I self-published a language teacher’s training manual entitled ‘Language Dynamics Training Manual’ that described my unique method of memory enhancement which I called the 'Language Dynamics Periodic Retrieval Technique.'

In the years to follow, I improved this spaced interval memory technique called this new version the 'Frobose Memory Technique™.'