About Your Teacher, Mark Frobose

Mark Frobose is America’s Only Living Creator of a Dominant & Successful Language Method "Automatic Fluency®", a Major Language Memory Technique, and Hundreds of Bestselling Stellar Foreign Language Programs in All Languages Now Available on Audible.com-Frobose.

Dennis Miller called him ‘brilliant’ in a recent live radio before an audience of over two million listeners on the "Dennis Miller Show." Colombia University professor Gautam Dasgupta says he attests to Mark’s ‘excellence’ as a foreign language instructor after successfully learning languages from him. Bestselling author and top consultant Alan Weiss says “You can’t go wrong with Mark Frobose.” Even Mark’s students at the University of Illinois rated him as an ‘excellent instructor’.

Mark Frobose is a foreign language icon. He is the prolific bestselling foreign language author of over 60 written and recorded titles including the internationally acclaimed ‘Behind the Wheel ®’ language series which he created. Mark is the nation’s only living architect of a successful major language method, a major language memory technique, and a major language audio line which is now owned and published by Macmillan Audio of New York.

In addition to being the media’s most popular guest language expert, Mark was recently quoted as an absolute language authority in a recent interview on the AP with Francine Parnes alongside the chief CEO of Rosetta Stone!

Furthermore, an article about Mark’s lifetime passion for languages and his amazing rags-toriches success story was just featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. Mark was also recently quoted as an international language and culture expert by MSNBC’s ”The Well Mannered Traveler’.

Moreover, Mark has also had the good fortune of appearing live as the USA’s Number #1 living language expert with Linn Brown on Fox 5 TV’s ‘Good Day New York’.

Last and certainly not least, Mark’s popular and innovative ‘Behind the Wheel®’ language method was given rave reviews in Men’s Health Magazine who rated Mark’s approach and language programs a ‘great value’ when compared to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur!

To sum it all up, Mark Frobose is a total foreign language emblem. His unequaled success in the language enterprise for over 30 years now leaves absolutely no question that his highly creative and unconventional methods truly get outstanding results!

Mark Frobose Photographed 8/28/07