Learn a New Language by Automatically Integrating it Into Your Daily Routine

Our audio programs let you learn a new language by automatically integrating it into your daily routine so your fluency becomes inevitable. You'll learn through unique methods like Original Sentence Creation and the Frobose Memory Retrieval Technique™.

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Language Programs Automated to Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

Automatic Fluency® Programs are tailored to teach you to speak another language automatically by weaving intense and fun instruction into the fabric of your daily routine.

You gradually increase your fluency during your otherwise wasted down time. Imagine enjoying learning to speak a new language while stuck in traffic, waiting for a dentist appointment, or while waiting for your child's soccer practice to end.


You Get Both an Expert Teacher and Native-Speaking Instructors

Each program includes world-class language instructor Mark Frobose who explains the details of your new language in English, while his trained & educated native speakers teach you their language with authentic accents the way it’s really spoken.

Mark’s enjoyable and streamlined techniques, combined with educated native-speaking assistants, provide a clear, fast, and effortless language-learning experience.

“Mark Frobose is The Leading
Language Expert in America Today”

“Try his unique approach and use his creative and unconventional methods.
You’ll be glad you did.”


- Alan Weiss
World-Renown Consultant and Expert in Executive Education,
Bestselling Author of “Million Dollar Consulting” and “Money Talks.”